On 2019/12/24 In Photo Shooting

『Catedral de Marmol “マーブルカテドラル” 』撮影紀行

Catedral de Marmol “マーブルカテドラル”

【Photography Journal】


Marble Cathedral – a natural sight that could be the world’s most beautiful cave network.



This bright blue cave made me feel that I was in another world!


The light reflected off the turquoise waters and the unique shapes of the marble walls create this enchanting light-show.


This cave is in Patagonia that is on the border of Chile and Argentina. It is located near the General Carrera Lake (Chile side) or Lake Buenos Aires (Argentina side).


The cave has various unique geological formations that took long period of erosion by the crashing waves of Lake General Carrera of Patagonia.