On 2019/12/27 In Photo Shooting

『Saunders Island – Falkland -“サウンダース島” 』撮影紀行

サウンダース島 “フォークランド諸島”

【Photography Journal】



I’ve visited the Neck, Sanders Island, the forth largest of the Falkland Islands, 3 years in a row, 2017, 2018, and 2019.





It was my first time to be able to stay at the Settlement, a refurbished bunkhouse, on Saunders Island for 4 days.





What was different this time from the past 2 years was season; therefore, I was able to see penguins protecting and carefully warming their egg and feeding their chicks.




I witnessed the severity of nature with my own eyes when the rockhopper penguins jumped into the ocean to catch fish and were desperately coming back from the rough sea.