On 2020/1/5 In Photo Shooting

『Pebble Island – Falkland -“ペブル島” 』撮影紀行

ペブル島 “フォークランド諸島”

Pebble Island -Falkland-【Photography Journal】




This is my third time to visit Pebble Island.
The days were long when the sun rose early around 4:30 am and set late around 9 pm. I enjoyed taking photographs all day from early in the morning until the the sun set.



カラカラ(Striated Caracara)やトウゾクカモメ(Great Skua)たちから、卵やヒナを必死で守ろうとする親ペンギンたち。


The penguins were desperate to protect their egg or chick from their natural predators such as Striated Caracara and Great Skua.
Since the season that I visited Pebble Island was different from the last 2 years, there were many moments that I haven’t seen!