On 2020/4/27 In Photo Shooting

『Volunteer Point – Falkland -“ボランティアポイント” 』撮影紀行

ボランティアポイント “フォークランド諸島”

Volunteer Point -Falkland-【Photography Journal】


フォークランド諸島の中でも、個人的に大好きな「Volunteer Point」


Among all the islands in Falkland Island, I personally love Volunteer Point.
Fortunately enough, I was able to stay at an only accommodation facility available in Volunteer Point.
From early in the morning until very late at night, I had an incredibly amazing experience by spending time only with penguins.



ただ一つ残念だったことが、直前の滞在先だった「SeaLion Island」で、左足首をひどく捻挫してしまい、歩くこともままならない状態でした。



What was unfortunate, however, was , at a previous place I visited, SeaLion Island, I fell right into a hole and ended up terribly injuring my ankle.
But I was lucky that the place I was staying at had only one ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) left that I could borrow. The vehicle enabled me to go anywhere I wanted without any difficulty, so I didn’t need to walk to photo spots.
All of these expediences were like a dream.







On the way back to the capital city, Stanley, people usually need to drive on a rough road. But we were taking photos of penguins until the very last minutes and took a chartered helicopter back.
I came to like Falkland Island more after all the priceless experiences.